Nouakchott, Mauritania


Nouakchott is the capital of Mauritania. The city is famous and known for its rich and deep history. It is a city having many adventurous spots. The city has Play Ground Park for the families to relax and spend some quality time. It is an ancient city having various archaeological and ancient sites.

Places to visit:

  • National Museum of Mauritania– The National Museum of Mauritania is popularly known as the National Museum of Nouakchott. The museum has a great collection of the arts and artifacts from the medieval period. 
  • Galerie Zeinart- Galerie Zeinart is famous for its rich collection in art and design, jewelry, fine handicraft.
  • Garden Animal’s Gallery- Garden Animal’s Gallery is a non-profit organization. The main aim is on rescuing exotic animals.
  • Carrefour Bana Blanc- Carrefour Bana Blanc is the most famous historical landmark of the town.
  • Carrefour Ten Sweilim- Carrefour Ten Sweilim is an ancient archaeological site.
  • Mauritania Perspectives- Mauritania Perspectives is a famous observatory in the city.
  • PLAY GROUND PARK- PLAY GROUND PARK is a place offering a perfect escape to the nature. It allows various activities related to the sports.


Places to stay:

  • Al Khaima City Center- Al Khaima City Center is a renowned hotel offering a free hot breakfast & Wi-Fi, an exercise room & an indoor pool. 
  • ZAHRA Appart-Hôtel- ZAHRA Appart-Hôtel allows an extremely comfortable room with free continental breakfast, parking & Wi-Fi. 
  • Azalai Hôtel Marhaba- Azalai Hôtel Marhaba offers great views from its rooms along with a rooftop bar, a restaurant, a 24-hour gym and free Wi-fi. 
  • Semiramis Hotel Centre Ville- Semiramis Hotel Centre Ville is a classy hotel featuring free Wi-Fi, an Asian restaurant & an exercise room. 
  • Monotel (Dar El Barka)- Monotel (Dar El Barka) is a modern architecture hotel offering featuring free Wi-Fi, an American restaurant, a bar & an indoor pool.