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Mauritania has a fascinating population of Arab Berbers and Sub-Saharan Africans and one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Middle East and North Africa. Bordering Mali, Algeria and other countries, it is at the crossroads between Africa and Europe, an ideal destination for adventurers seeking to escape the clutches of modernity. Mauritania is located on the Atlantic coast and borders the Mediterranean Sea, the Sahara and the Gulf of Aden in Algeria.

These conditions make Mauritania an ideal destination for adventurers attracted by its beautiful landscape, beautiful people and unique culture. It is generally a tourist mecca, although some tourists have been deterred by kidnappings and executions, and it is the Atar region where some tourists are scared away.

May sometimes be considered overly conservative, but many reasonable people find it acceptable. If you are stuck on a road with clear lanes, there is no risk, although travel blogs routinely exaggerate the minefields you have to cross to reach Mauritania. When you are in a place, you should not expect to have it without running away from the peddlers and the crowd.

The government advises against the danger posed by extremist and jihadist groups, but not in the sense that they pose a danger to you. The government warns against this, although it does not advise against it as much as in other countries.

Depending on the evolution of the outbreak in other countries, authorities may change travel restrictions for travellers staying in the country at very short notice. When a country responds to the COVID 19 pandemic, which includes travel and border restrictions, its territory may restrict travel.

If US government employees require special permission to travel to Nouakchott, they will be limited in their ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in Mauritania, as they must have arrived in one of the above-mentioned approved countries. If a passenger has been in a country not on an authorised list for the last 14 days, he or she will be refused entry, even if he or she comes from a list of other countries issued by the EU. If a passenger stays in one or both of these approved countries for 14 days without interruption, he or she will not arrive in another country at the other end of this list or in any other country except the one where he or she has been in an "approved country" continuously for the last 12 days. Also, he said, officials cannot travel to those places, but they cannot travel to the United States.

It is recommended that unnecessary travel is postponed as some travellers may be refused entry or quarantined on arrival or during their stay.

If you have questions about a trip to Mauritania or are wondering if you might need a jaw spit before you travel, you can make an appointment with the NHS for a yellow fever vaccine. Note: Yellow fever is a mandatory vaccination before entering Mauritiana and you must bring an international vaccination certificate, otherwise you may not be allowed to enter. Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required before entry into Mauritania and if staying in an infected country within 7 days of entry into that country, as well as in all other countries of the EU Schengen area. A negative test does not have to be quarantined if the passenger enters a country that is on Slovenia's green list or in a credible laboratory that has been conducted in Slovenia or within the barn zones of the European Union (EU).

Mauritania Travel and tourist information can be found on the website of the National Tourism Authority of Mauritania (NTA). If you are planning a meeting or a trip, please check this page to see if and when a country like Mauritiana is on holiday.

If you are driving your own car, the accessible routes are to Morocco, Nouackchott and Dakhla, but again you should be prepared for waiting times at the border. If you are travelling elsewhere in West and North Africa, you can also head to Mauritania and spend some time in the capital, which is located in the west of the country, before travelling to other parts of Africa such as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Algeria.

An alternative land route, which leads directly from Mauritania to Timbuktu in Mali, is the road to Nema, which is located at the end of a well-paved road from Nouakchott. You can take a car from the Western Sahara hotels in Nouadhibou through a minefield to Mauritiana.

There are also visas for Moroccans, Algerians, Senegalese and Rosso, but in Nioro visas are no longer issued at the border. On a good day, you can get a visa issued in less than half an hour at any of the airports in Nouakchott. Laisser passer - by (TVIP) vehicles are also issued and the vehicle must be noted in your passport along with the visa.

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More About Nouakchott